VIBE AMPLIFICATION offers a series of affordable mono-channel all-tube amps.

What’s new about these amps is the special attention which was given to input impedances, preamp tuning and speaker matching, making these amps extremely responsive to foot pedals used between the guitar and amplifier.

The amps come in 3 different colours at competitive prices and are a specially priced range of 100% tube amps designed in Italy but manufactured in Asia thus allowing us to offer professional tube amp tone quality for those players not yet ready to invest in high end boutique amplifiers.

Compared to other amps in the same price range, the VIBE series has been well received in Europe and has surprised many players with the range of tonal variations.

The Dolphin 40 is a 40W Class AB (3 x 12AX7 and 2 x 6L6) single channel all tube amplifier plenty of headroom and hyper tone flexibilty thanks to the Gain, “fat” button to thicker the mids, Treble, Bass, Mids, Volume, Reverb, and Presence controls, all accessible through 6 white chicken-head-knobs on a cool black plexi panel.

But we all know that most of us only use the clean channel and load it up with our stomp pedals to get the distortion tone we need. This is why the Dolphin preamp, input impedance and speaker was especially designed to best complement with your favourite stomp boxes.

Despite the quite simple design Dolphin 40 has a lovely natural tone attitude which allows you to easy to dial in many useable tones from glassy, sparkling clean to a true crunch or compressed lead and responds really well to volume pot changes from the guitar. For extra grit, the front panel also includes an extra” Fat” button to enhance the gain in the mid frequencies.

Sturdy built and dressed with a new appealing design, The Dolphin 40 features is now available in Black and red tolex neatly applied over the plywood cabinet. The amp also 40 sports a heavy-duty steel chassis with nearly all components placed on a single PC board. The single built-in speaker, a custom made Eminence, completes this flexible amplifier which thanks to your ability of choosing the right pedal for you will be able to replicate the ton you’re after.

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